The Internet Expresses Their Thoughts On Lizzo’s Frequent Twerk Sessions

Simone Grant

Lizzo could care less about our opinion and proved it with her latest video.

Half the internet is here for Lizzo’s expected twerk sessions for the gram while the other half are simply tired of it.

The “Truth Hurts” singer has been vocal about not giving a f*ck what anyone has to say about her, her size, or what she chooses to do. 

Even when one of the top fitness trainers tried to come for her saying we don’t need to focus on the fact that her health is at stake, she came back with another video shaking everything she loves about her body. 

Many think she has made her point and that she should slow down with the twerk sessions. She’s being called distasteful and disrespectful especially with the stunt she pulled at the Staples Center.

I get where Lizzo is coming from. I’m sure she was probably told awful things before about her size and given all types of health and nutrition tips. 

Now she’s all about loving herself and embracing the skin she’s in. Sometimes we get blinded by loving who we’ve become that many can find it overbearing and obnoxious. 

 What y’all think?