The Internet Goes Crazy Over Woman Claiming She Is Janet Jackson’s Secret Child!


It doesn’t take much for Black Twitter/ Black Instagram to have a field day, and yesterday we all had some great material once again!

By ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Although Janet Jackson and James DeBarge have been plagued for years with rumors that they have had a secret child, this one doesn’t seem like the real person even if the rumor is true.

DeBarge’s mother recently spoke out claiming that her son and Jackson did in fact have a secret child that they’ve been hiding from the public eye for over three decades.

Now the woman, Tiffany Whyte decided to speak with Radar Online in an exclusive interview claiming that she is in fact the daughter of DeBarge and Jackson.

“My name is Tiffany Whyte and I’m the daughter of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge. She has been denying me for many years. I’ve waited 31 years. I’ve been kept a secret for a very long time and I want people to know the truth that I’m not a liar,” said Whyte.

Whyte claims that she and DeBarge’s mother went and got a DNA test that proves that they are related, and that Janet and James are her parents.

Whyte also claims that she’s not seeking fame as she just wants to live out her truth.

“I don’t want to get famous off of this. Trust me. I don’t. I don’t. I just want my mother. I want my father. I want the woman who I could never get a chance to be held by as a child, to sing to me, to tell me that she loves me. I want to know the truth,” she said.

Check out what the innanetz had to say below. LMAO. ISSA LIE!