The Jussie Smollett Rumors Are Just Downright Spooky! Some Say He's Lying!

You know the Jussie Smollett situation was not going to be void of crazy rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jussie Smollett was attacked and preyed upon, according to a number of reports. In the reports, he was attacked in an affluent part of Chicago by a gang of MAGA Thugs who called him racist stuff, homophobic stuff and more. Beyond that, they broke one of his ribs, hit him and also allegedly pour chemicals over him. WHAT? I was unable to process the whole thing from the get-go. has begun. The fact is, the story is being questioned HEAVY! You know the internets don’t play. And a NATION of INNANET DETECTIVES is on this. Here we go….a person that was at the spot said that Jussie was acting “saddidy” in the club. They also said that he apparently wasd in a gay club downtown in Chicago and he got into a flirty situation with somebody’s man. As you know, Jussie is a gay Black man and star of “Empire.” He left the club and he was beat up. Now, they are saying that there is no evidence of the whole MAGA narrative SEEN on any surveillance cameras.

What there is evidence of is...somebody possibly stalking and beating him up. Instead of it being MAGA hate wearing, bleach wielding, homophobic white might be some a gang of gay people mad at him hitting on one of their men. And they put the beats on him for that reason...ALLEGEDLY!!

This is the prevailing narrative that is going on in Rumor Land. I HOPE and PRAY even that this is not a hoax! “They” are saying that the MAGA angle is manufactured by his team to mask the true reality of the beat down. Not sure why, but sources are saying that it was a publicity play and the actor went along with it. This is all speculation at the moment, but it is a very large tsunami of bad, bad PR if this is a lie!

By the way, gay rapper from LHH fame, Christopher Milan believes flat out that Jussie is lying. Here's what he said:

The whole world is supporting the homie Jussie!

Oddly, this is the last post Jussie put on Twitter.

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Gay drama lol...He wants to be John Legend so bad lol...wants attention


Where is the Fat FBI snitch Al.Sharpton when we need him? Smollett's a.modeen day Tawana Brawley