The Ladies Are Upset With Drake & French Montana



(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake & French Montana are soooo reckless, and now they've admitted it. LOL.

Both Drake and French are known to roll with their crews, and with any crew you will have a whole 'nother crew of ladies.

With being an entertainer and dealing with your lady friends, it's clearly a must to set rules and clear understandings in place.

Drake clearly had time as he took some time out to craft what he calls the '10 Snipe Commandments' for he and the bros to govern themselves accordingly when dealing with the groupies, random hook ups, flings, one night stands, situationships, thots, tricking etc.

French Montanta liked the Bro-Code so much that he took time to print it out, frame it, and hang it on the wall at his home.

Oh yeah and your favorites also like to "splash" raw. These rappers aren't going to learn to stop fooling around by having unprotected sex until they catch something they can't shake off. You can't depend on a vibe to protect you from unplanned children or sexually transmitted diseases.

The females have been outraged by these rules on social media and I guess outraged by how men and their favorite rappers really think. Check out the rules below. Fellas do you and your crew adhere to these rules?!

-Thou shall never pillow talk or discuss business with a ting.

-On any import from the United States, Canada, Europe, or any other region, thou shall practice a maximum three-day export rule to avoid frustration.

-Thou shall always be honest with a brother about a splash.

-Thou shall never tell a ting about another man’s splash in order to execute his own splash.

-Thou shall only splash unprotected if it’s a must splash or you are too fry or you trust the vibe or you plan to keep the vibe for a minimum of six months with four interactions within the allotted time period.

-Thou shall always lie to protect a brother’s reputation or the chance of a splash conversion in the near or distant future.

-Thou shall be allowed to hunt in all jungles unless a trespass has been enforced verbally.

-Thou shall always provide splash accommodations for a brother within his household.

-Thou shall use communication with a brother to avoid being blindsided by other hunters and poachers

-Thou shall never use hand to hand currency exchange to guarantee a splash unless hunting in exotic locations.