The Plot Thickens With Nicki Minaj And Trina's Situation! Nicki Speaks!


Do we have a problem? We may, but we don't know for sure. Waiting on Trina!

UPDATE: Reginald, Trina's A&R deleted the image and message where he lambasted Nicki.

UPDATE 2: Some women are mad at Nicki for this:

UPDATE 3: Nicki decided to throw Trina under the bus in truth (perhaps) by saying she didn't have enough money to promote their song or do a video.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am not sure what is going on with Nicki Minaj these days! I just can't get a grip on it, but it just seems to be a maelstrom of drama! You saw all that Joe Budden drama and now we are staring at another one with Trina. So, until this year...or was that last year...Nicki never really did a song with any other women in Hip-Hop, rappers. Correct me if I am wrong, but Cardi B on "Motorsports" was the first time. And that was a song by The Migos. But I digress! It was a positive step forward! But, more recently she did a song with Trina, the baddest diamond princess ever! She bad! And she is a mega star in her own right!

So, earlier in the summer, Nicki and Trina finally got together in the "Year of Women" in rap! But the song came can went. We didn't see the massive impact one would expect from these two luminary rap artists! Now, I remember writing about it, mainly because they were talking about screwing people like Lil Wayne. Anyway, Trina's A&R Reggie blasted Nicki!

And you know Nicki wasn't about to let that ride!

“Trina’s camp is saying I didn’t do enough to push the ‘BAPS’ videoLike, what the f**k! Until you are no longer a human being you will always care. The people that I helped are the ones that start the narrative, so that’s the problem. And I can so much that I don’t. But I will say I’m not addressing men anymore, address my husband." She ain't married yet, but her man is a bad MF!

I feel like perhaps Trina should say something so she can address it.

Now, I can see how Trina could feel that way. We have seen what Nicki does when she get excited! That Meg Thee Stallion situation was WHEELS IN MOTION! They were on IG live, slapping booties and all sorts of magical energy came from that so...I think I understand how Trina feels. I basically stalked Kelly Rowland for years and she went and married another man.

Yes, it still hurts.

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She keep bringing her rapist boyfriend into the convo, she's gonna get that nigga touched.