The Rapper That Allegedly Impregnated Bernice Burgos With New Life!


Did Bernice Burgos just secure the bag?!?!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Now that we are here, we should just establish that this isn’t really a new rumor. It IS new to me though. Others are just reporting (like me) that Quavo and the lovely Bernice Burgos are dating! She’s the most beautiful grand mom EVER! However, she is still a dope grand mom and attractive to these rappers. The latest is that she is dating Migos honcho Quavo!

OK that’s not the latest. The latest is that she is allegedly PREGNANT! Quavo is rumored to be a daddy! The word is that Bernice has stopped drinking, smoking and won’t even let people smoke around her. What is funny (or not) is that her 21-year old daughter is also presently pregnant too, per the Celebrity Insider.

The reason we haven’t heard more about Quavo and Bernice is they allegedly took a bit of a break a ways back. She then got into a fling – ALLEGELY – with T.I. Now they are back together again, so they say. Quavo is a mere 26 so that would definitely make Bernice a cougar.