The "Real Cookie Lyon" Is Back At It Again With Suing The Creators of Empire!

'Empire' is back on your television screens and apparently so are the lawsuits. A woman claiming to be the real Cookie Lyon has filed a new suit against the show. Her aim is to take the creators down! Sophia Eggleston has filed new court papers claiming that the infamous role of Cookie (played by Taraji P. Henson) was stolen from her 2009 autobiography, 'The Hidden Hand.' Eggleston wants Lee Daniels and Danny Strong to pay her millions. Since day one, many have claimed the show is loosely based on their lives. Apparently Eggleston originally filed papers herself, but now she has had them professionally written and filed. Her attorneys seem to believe she has a good argument as the Cookie character is basically Eggleston, especially before she went to prison. The new court documents also claim that Eggleston met with screenwriter Rita Miller in 2011, and Miller said she would pitch the concept to Daniels. This lawsuit points out 23 characteristics and plot points of 'Empire' that are also included in Eggleston's book. Do you think she will win the suit?