The REAL Reason Kanye West Left "Politics"

In "water is wet" news...the real reason for Kanye West's departure from helping people becomes known.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West is a son of a...teacher. I would say he's a son of a b#tch, but that would be actually insulting his wonderful mother. But, the son is just one of the many scoundrels we have to contend with in 2018. He's helped normalize MAGA hats, pretended to be a change agent, and basically helped distract people all year. He even dragged ol' Jim Brown and Larry Hoover into his BS. And then...POOF! He decides to leave "politics" as if he ever was in it. All he did was run his mouth, because cameras will follow the circus of Kanye anywhere.

But why?

With somebody like Kanye West, who at face value seems deep, you realize that he's just a basic lil' man. This all boils down to money and music. Christmas is coming up and with the holiday season comes MOOOOOOLAH! Money! Greenbacks! Broccoli!!!! PAPER! Kanye is not that principled, people. Remember what the White House meeting was supposed to be?

"The discussion will be centered on President Trump's historic work to benefit all Americans such as urban revitalization, the creation of Opportunity Zones, new workforce training programs, record highs in African American employment, the creation of manufacturing jobs, ideas from his meeting with African American pastors, potential future clemencies, and addressing the massive violent crime surge in Chicago."

MAN...all that is out of the window!

I have heard varying rumors about Kanye and his shoes with adidas. Some have stated that there has been no dip in sales of his shoes. I have heard that he NEEDS to sell more for it to continue to work with the massive company. Either way, the divisiveness will impact during the holiday season and Christmas.

And then there is the album that nobody is looking for, Yandhi. The last album, Ye, moved about 60k units and with streaming, that's like 250k. I am glad to say, I never heard not a single drum kick from the album. He doesn't get a single coin from me.

Damn, Larry Hoover thought you were trying to help him, bro.

No. 1-1

I haven't listened to the Ye album either.. no plans to either and I was a fan from the start.. not any more