The REAL Zombies Are Here?


ARE ZOMBIES REAL? Check out this new video that suggests there are zombies in Brazil!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Micheal Jackson knew what we thought to be fiction: THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! No, the zombies are here! You didn’t think that we were going to have all those Zombie movies and TV shows and not actually have real zombies at some point, did you?

Now, some are saying this is real, but I am taking no chances. I am taking my butt to Home Depot and buying the biggest ax I can find. And then going to the local Samurai sword spot (like those are just all over the place) and getting me a gigantic Katana! And THEN, I’m get that sawed off. (This all happened in Brazil, by the way.)

Check out this video:

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its called bath salts lol