The Response To The Jay-Z / NFL Deal Is Here And It's Fierce!

Jay-Z has done a lot of good, but a lot of people are talking heavy about this latest deal with the NFL!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Today, Jay-Z talked to the people that he would be working with the NFL on a new initiative that will restore some normalcy to the NFL. Is that even possible? Let us start off with the drama (clue:its all drama!).

Nessa, who is Colin Kaepernick's lady and sometime mouthpiece, went IN over the assertion that Jay and Kap had a convo around this NFL issue!

But, the good folks at TMZ are saying that they DID SPEAK...peep the nuance.

12:57 PM PT -- Jay-Z's camp tells us he has absolutely spoken to Kap within the last 48 hours, however ... that was NOT before Jay agreed to his new partnership with the NFL. Still, a source at Roc Nation tells us Jay made it clear to Colin the partnership was about to be announced to the public. We're told this was not a case of Jay checking in with Colin for approval -- the deal was already signed -- it was more like a heads up. Other NFL players got the call, too, we're told.

To be clear ... we're told the question posed to Jay during the media event was simply whether he had spoken to Colin -- NOT whether he had talked to Colin about the partnership.

11:38 AM PT -- Colin Kaepernick's attorney, Mark Geragos, says despite what Jay claimed in the meeting, Kap did NOT talk to Jay-Z prior to partnering with the NFL.

The streets are definitely talking about this and a lot of people aren't happy. Then there's Shaun King, the activist, who came in for his view on things.

Here is the whole scoop, for those that want to know.

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