The Whole Drake Father Thing IS Getting Way Messier!

Drake may be breaking records, but some women are allegedly alleging that the Canadian is the father of their kid.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I wish Drake all the best. And, for all intent and purposes, he is the best. He's breaking record after records and even AllHipHop put an insane headline proclaiming him to be the new King of Pop. It sure ain't Justin Bieber.

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The facts hurt, but Drake has imposed on a number of MJ's longstanding records. There is only ONE Michael Jackson! There is another difference between Drake and MJ. The kid was definitely NOT MJ's son, but that cannot be said for Drake. The beef with Pusha T exposed something that was rumored in industry circles: That Drake Had A Kid! Now, that that is confirmed and out there, it is time to move on. Lets move past the beef, move past the drama and move on to the new allegations.

The new word on the streets is that Drake is quite possibly the father of two other kids. Now, this happens all the time. Both the accusations and the babies - they happen all the time.But, there are a number of layers to this drama. They are saying that Drake may have fallen weakly in some wetness and...well, let me shut up. Here are a few screen shots.

Now this chick Layla Lace reportedly fell off the map after originally saying she was preggers by Drake. Nobody really knows what happened, but abortion has not been ruled out at the time of this writing.

What do you think of this? I would not want to be Drake at this point! I just hope for his sake that this is just some form of trolling! If it is found in the streets that he's "hiding" another two babies or may have coerced somebody into having an abortion....bad, Bad...real bad - Michael Jackson bad!

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Anyway, remember King Pusha T proclaimed he was putting together a "surgical summer" for Drake? What that was is not completely known, but some have speculated that this was AT LEAST a part of it. I don't know what Drake and J. Prince knew, but I know they know that it was going to get far uglier for the pretty boy all summer '18. That deserves a Rick Flair "WOO!"

Matter a fact, we need a crazier one!

By the way, do you remember MJ's"Bad" song?

I hope Drake ok like Annie.