The Woman Accusing Charlamagne Tha God Is Making A Documentary!

The woman accusing Charlamagne has made a move to solidify her side of the story.

(AllHipHop Rumors) If you are here for the article that was up here, well its gone. Let me tell you. There is a lot of stuff going on and I cannot talk about it on the record. Just know that some portions of this article are gone. Just know that Charlamagne Tha God wasn't found guilty of anything and maintains his innocence, BUT the his accuser IS moving forward to create a documentary on the whole ordeal. Charlamagne is accused of raping a Black woman and we know that Black women are marginalized in society. That is not a statement about C Tha God's guilt or innocence, but a statement about the world we live in. But, I digress. Charlamagne has ALWAYS been good to AllHipHop, from what I have been told, but this doc is coming and its being helmed by Choke No Joke. Again, I can't say a lot, but I can say Choke responded to the original article and here is what happened:

Choke No Joke. So, Choke now says that he will no longer do any posts about Charlamagne on his IG, because it has given the impression that he has it in for his former friend. He maintains that is not the case. He also has stated in the video that another woman or women have come forward with their own allegations against Charla, but Choke will not take those cases. Choke says he's going to finish this Jessica document and be done. For those that don't know Choke No Joke is a producer and former camera guy for Roc-A-Fella Records back in the day. He's a pretty official dude by all standards. He's also very vocal. He's gotten into it with just about everybody, including Dame Dash. Now, last year Choke was on The Breakfast Club and he accused them of playing him out.

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Check out this Doggie Diamonds interview at the 25:15 mark:

So, Choke's main issue going up there was to promote his documentary on The Tunnel. But they asked him a lot about Dame, but there was a part about Jay-Z that they edited out.

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Choke No Joke recently interviewed the women that was allegedly raped by C Tha God when she was underage. More recently, he made a call to action to people. He wants to get at the other men that were with Charlamagne at the time of the alleged rape. That's strong. That goes past regular beef, but also speaks to the fact that nobody is listening to this Black girl. Now, Angela Rye caught wreck for defending Charlamagne, but is she just representative of how the whole industry feels? I dunno.

Here are the interviews:

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