These High School Kids Didn't Understand Erykah Badu's Greatness

Photo via Erykah's Instagram

So often do we feel bad for the kids of this generation as they have no idea what good music is. It makes complete sense why they don't know who many artists are as the artists clearly aren't in or from their era, however Erykah Badu's recent visit to a high school was just sad. The children had no idea who she was and they didn't know or like her music. They didn't even try to give it a chance.

Most kids have no idea what good music is as they are subjected to the music of today. They don't even know about great music of the past unless someone decides to sample a classic, and even then that's if they do their research. These high school kids weren't paying Badu any attention at all. As we know most kids will only openly hype music that's popular right now though. Hey, at least it was a lucky day for the staff.

Erykah Badu