They Saying Erykah Badu Is Pregnant And Another Rapper IS The Dad!

Tell Madam Badu not to look at this. Nothing here to see.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I hope and pray to the Hotep Goddesses that Erykah Badu does not read this! Why? Because she's dope and she's also a witch! And a star in Hip-Hop and R&B. As a star, Baddy Badu is known for her feminine sorcery and ba-dunk-a-dunk at the same time. She's got kids by three separate rappers, The D.O.C., Andre 3K, Jay Electronica. People seemingly give her a judgement pass, because she is she. I dunno!

Anyway, with who? Who is the dope MC now accused of making child with the legend? None other than Ish from Digable Planets! Some of yall don't know who Ish is! Some of yal may remember the brother as the rapper in Shabazz Palaces we all know an love. Now, I am going to keep it a buck, I don't believe this rumor. Why? I am going to keep my views to myself on this one, but I just don't think its true. What I do hear is true is that they are seeing each other and have been a couple for a while now.

This is what got people talking.

I can't call it, but people are sending their congrats!

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

She a toss up.what do you expect?