Things Go Left Under Snoop Dogg's "Black Girls Rock" Post

When will a certain group of people learn?!

By Trendspotter (@Trend_spotter86)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Snoop Dogg took to IG sharing a side-by-side photo of two of the most powerful women we have all grown to love Oprah and Michele Obama with the caption “Black Girls Rock.”

A troller who for whatever reason has a verified account and goes by the name “JessicaMichael”, whom nobody knows, wasn’t having it and the IG world followed up right behind her.

Commenting under the pic she stated “women f’n rock” as to say NOT just black women but all women. Which in many ways holds some truth, but baby girl just didn’t know she was writing a check she couldn’t cash.

She was instantly dragged and called out for trying to pull a reverse racism stunt.

This wasn’t about her, but she found the time to find her moment and the world answered back. Fans began to @ her saying things like “he said what he said”

“He SAID Black Girls Rock......Y’all can’t let us have anything.”

The internet wouldn’t be the beast it is if the memes and the clap backs didn’t reign supreme.

I am sure Ms. Jessica Michael regrets commenting as fans are STILL going for blood and making sure she realizes the mistake she made by commenting under Uncle Snoop's photo.

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