Things Just Got Worse For XXXTentacion


XXXTentacion has been slapped with 7 NEW charges...and he still faces a head jail bid.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This kid XXXTentacion is getting slapped up by the courts. He just got hit wit an additional seven additional charges against him - on top of his other charges. These new charges are the result of him allegedly reaching out to his ex-girlfriend who also is the alleged victim. I would assume with the years and years and years that he is facing, XXX is looking for anyway to get out of this predicament. I clearly don’t know but he’s going to need to be innocent as well as have God on his side. The details are so graphic and evil, to be candid. So, now this dude is asking his fans to come to the court as proof he contributes positive to the world. I’m thinking he’s gotta face the law and look at the judge in the eye.

He is already openly apologizing. I think he’s cracking under this pressure, which is not abnormal.

Recently, the ex-girlfriend is not trying to testify, which may be why dude got these new charges. I think he is going down….we shall see.