Think Kim Kardashian will divorce Kanye West? I've been wondering if these two are really on the rocks after seeing the latest Kanye West headlines. That guy is having a Britney Spears style meltdown as far as I'm concerned. He's always been a crazy mofo, and lately he's taking it to the extreme. Supporting Trump? What the. Kim K can't be happy about that.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are 100% hustlin'

Her name might be West right now, but there is no way she's cool with his outbursts... unless it's all a marketing ploy..? Every time they are in the news, they make more money on their different brands. Think about all the stuff they have their fingers in, not to mention the Kim Kardashian sex tape that Kanye could not be cool with. Just a few weeks ago Kim was posting nude pics on her Instagram to launch some new KKW fragrance brand. Talk about a couple of expert hustlers - these two might be nuts but they ain't stupid!! No way Ray J isn't jealous as f**k. He may have hit it first, but Kanye is livin' rich.

Kanye told everyone to love each other in his TMZ meltdown, but I bet he doesn't love Ray J!!

even more proof Kim has an amazing marketing team... her KKW fragrance is almost sold out now that she keeps posting full frontal nudes

Isn't that crazy? and it almost seems like you are posting porn on here. that's even crazier.