This Could Be Pusha T’s Plan For Drake


Pusha T has everybody wondering what is the next move!

(AllHipHop Rumors) We long for a rap battle! Pusha T fired off a shot at Drake and made it seem as if he wanted all the smoke. A few days later, we still have not gotten a response to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle.” What the hell! I realize that the modern battle does not have epic moments like, say, Nas vs Jay-Z. But this is 2018 and the strategy is all the way different. And this idea leads us to what may possibly happen this weekend.

So, the last time he said something, Mr. West said June 1, 2018. Is the big date for his album, which at seven songs is really an EP. ANYWAY, the word is that Pusha MIGHT be waiting a bit closer to Kanye’s album drop date to strike back at Drake. Right now, there is nothing official and all is quiet on the Western Front. Still speculation is that the reply may either coincide with or appear on the new West album. I don’t know, honestly. I do care. I am not sure what Drake does to these rappers, but something holds them back from going in. It could be political. It could be fear. Hell, my brain was thinking some crazy stuff like maybe Drake paid him off from saying anything back.

All of this and Lil Wayne is back to calling Baby is “pops.”

Well, at least Pusha T is replacing BROCKHAMPTON at Governors Ball music festival in NYC.