This Old School Rapper Is About To Lose His House!

A former rapper has fallen on bad luck and unfortunately his Cooperstown home is being auctioned off.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors)Peter Nash is a sports memorabilia king, but he was also once a chart-topping rapper.

As an M.C., he went by the name Prime Minister Pete Nice as a member of the group 3rd Bass. He gave up hip-hop years ago, right after the group hit #1 with their hit "Pop Goes The Weasel!"

Well, Pete Nice met a couple in the 1990s and would later borrow money from them. He promised him sports memorabilia as collateral for his payments. Pete would later be sued after not being able to repay the debts.

This has finally caused his Cooperstown home to be seized by the sheriff and be put up for auction.

Wow! We hate to hear about a Hip-Hop vet falling on hard times. Hopefully, things get better for Pete and his family.

Tell then, enjoy some classics from 3rd Bass.

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Should have never dissed MC Hammer.