Tinashe's Makes A Big Mistake At Samsung Event

Tinashe may not be getting any more of that Samsung money after a recent performance.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tinashe is a fan favorite of many. And, despite the dominance of people like Beyonce, Tinashe's still out here getting that sweet sponsorship money from the likes of Samsung. As you know Samsung and Apple are the biggest of comp in this space called "smart phones" and they are not letting up on each other. I am not sure where, but the cutie made a mistake that may cost her in the future. She took an iPhone on stage with her and it popped out of her pocket when she went to perform. Check it out.

Now, based on the smoothness of the execution by her dancer, I am going to state that she should be given another shot. Like me, she's probably been using iPhone's her whole life and just doesn't want to switch over. You know, all her contacts are in the whole Apple echo-system. I dunno. Hopefully she doesn't make that error again...

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