Tiny Calling Off T.I. Divorce?

AllHipHop Staff

R&B Singer Tiny is rumored to have filed leave of absence documents for her divorce proceedings with husband T.I.

(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. and wife Tiny became one of Hip-Hop's favorite couples after the release of their VH1 show "The Family Hustle."

The show gave viewers an inside look into the at home lifestyle of the couple and their family.The show aired on VH1 for 6 seasons and recorded as many as 100 episodes. That's quite the feat for a show featuring any Hip-Hop couple and shows the connection viewers had with the pair.

Since finishing the series, the couple would announce their intention to seek a divorce.

However, the proceedings have been going on for 3 years and has no sign of being resolved.

Recently Tiny is rumored to having filed court documents asking for a leave of absence from the divorce proceedings.

The leave of absence indicates the divorce probably won't be happening anytime soon.

The couple have been living separately for years now and where recently spotted together in Atlanta.

T.I. and Tiny have multiple children together so it's understood how a divorce of this magnitude could take so long to be resolved.

Situation such as this are often delicate and the opinions of all parties must be considered.

Maybe the couple will reconcile one day and officially call off the divorce, but nothing is for certain as of now.

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Good for them. Black Love Forever!!!!