Tiny's Relative Weighs In On Bernice Burgos' Breakfast Club Interview

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop Rumors) Tiny's niece is all of us!


Many people are still wondering how Bernice Burgos ended up being a guest on The Breakfast Club.

Like she had to have been a filler guest because no one else can make sense of her booking other than the men in Hip Hop she’s allegedly been linked to. But hey, folks do want to know about that.

Bernice denied the rumors about her involvement with T.I. and Drake, and not only were people not buying what she was selling, folks also felt that she revealed that she's a bit "slow" and ignorant.

It would've been great if she was beauty and brains!

According to Bernice, she was never messing with Tip, and she was just around him because she was introduced to him on business with the potential of her being cast for some movie.

Bernice also said that the reason she went at Tiny is because she let social media accusations feed her mind with craziness and insults leading to her acting out.

The girl is in her mid 30's, so many felt that she is too old to be this inarticulate.

Tiny and her family have made it very clear that they are not fans of the alleged home wrecker!

While Tiny hasn't really responded to Bernice's Breakfast Club interview, her niece @_beatifulrose basically said what many were thinking,

"She sounded ignorant."

According to social media, baby girl has to stop buying cars and surgeries and focus on getting her education. 99.9% of the people who have viewed the interview agree with Tiny's cousin! If you haven't checked out the interview yet, do so and let us know your thoughts!

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