Tory Lanez Accused Of Stealing Cassidy & Other's Bars


Did Tory Lanez get caught slipping?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Yall just won't let Tory Lanez be great, or maybe he won't let himself be great lol!

The singer/rapper has now been accused of stealing other people's bars for a freestyle that he did on Funkmaster Flex's show.

No one can deny that he's a dope artist, he just has to stop taking L's and stop getting caught slipping.

I mean for the longest, his career was plagued by subliminal shots he threw at Drake, and him being accused of only being able to make hot records if he sampled or remixed other people's songs.

The videos that have surfaced online discrediting Tory all have the same theme as they are accusing of him of borrowing from everyoneeeeeee including Cassidy & Don Q.

Tory wasted no time clapping back at his haters and the naysayers.

"None of the punchlines they showing are the same ... n-ggas tryna expose mans for 'similar words.' Get out of here fam. What about the whole 8 minutes of FLAME that's mans are tryna discredit. Just go on YouTube and type in Tory Lanez freestyle ... u won't find nothing that I haven't ripped. I been doin this for years," said Tory.

Maybe Tory just has a similar style and vocabulary.

Whatever the issue is, Tory has made it clear that he does not steal bars!

What are your thoughts? Do you think he's guilty or not? Check out the clips below.

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He used they tracks as reference tracks when he was writing his joint. Probably has a bunch of stolen bars in his catalog. But Factually, alotta these dudes are repeating each other. Few dudes are saying new stuff


First Drake, now Tory. What's going on with these Canadian rappers?😂