Tory Lanez And Royce End Their Beef!

The beef is OVER! God bless Detroit!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Royce and Tory Lanez were about to be at war, but now they are not. I think cooler heads prevailed in this. Tory was about to get completely f’d up somewhere along the line. I know my Canadian brother is young and full of vinegar but Royce is not to be played with on any front. The main front being that he is from the Detroit area. He’s a general! Royce was WAY TOO COOL when Tory was inviting the OG to his private area in all caps. Anyway, Tory and Royce have had stellar years and are both good for the culture. So, I salute anybody that had something to do with this beef ending.

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ya, there was never beef there. Ya'll are way to quick to call anything beef these days.