Tory Lanez Beats Up A Fan At His Toronto Show, Allegedly!

Is Tory Lanez headed for a lawsuit? He may just be!

(AllHipHop Rumors) For all we know, Tory Lanez was punching at air as he jumped into the audience. But, the video looks like the Canadian jumped in the crowd and beat somebody up. We cannot confirm it because he disappeared into the crowd, but the innanets are saying that he beat somebody up and it sure looks like he did.

Last night, Tory was in his native town, Toronto, and everything went "American" when he commanded people to raise their hands. Somebody in the front of the stage did something that didn't "G" with Tory's "chi." It seems like he want people to do exactly what he said. After he got back on stage, he said, "I told a ni99a ... f##k. Yo, hands up." I guess he meant it! The rest of the show carried on as if there was no assault. I am guess somebody is going to talk to a lawyer today.

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I always wonder if a rapper puts a person in the crowd to do something like so they can fake yell or assault somebody for views. LOL!! You never know these days, b. Anything is possible. I do know that if he jumped in the crowd alone and attacked me, he'd have a hard time getting back to the stage. I'm just saying!!!

I would think he would move more cautiously. Three rappers died in a month's span, including one from T-Dot. RIP Smoke Dawg.