Tory Lanez Does Something Unconscionable Ignorant!


Slave mentality is real! I don’t hate Tory Lanez so don’t get me wrong! But dude must have latent slave mentality syndrome.

by inside man

(AllHipHop News) Apparently, somebody decided to profile him and think he was an N-Word in Holt Renfrew , a Canadian retail store. Dude decided to show them he wasn’t broke by purchasing $35,000 in merchandise! THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND BUCKS! Just got show them he “got money” – WHAT IN TARNATION, TORY!?!?!

UHHHHHHH Brother man Tory Lanez needs to talk to somebody from Black Money Matters! There are so many ways that that money could have been spent to prove a point. If he REALLY wanted to prove that his money was long, he could have just returned it after buying it. Get like Oprah!

But, until then: