Tory Lanez Gets Accused Of Stealing Bars & Flows By New Rapper


Rumors against Tory Lanez continue, but now an underground rapper is going hard at the Canadian gawd.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh Oh! Here we go again! Tory Lanez is the Canadian Hip-Hop wants. The only thing is, like Drake, he has some issues with allegations that he’s breaking some of the cardinal rules in Hip-Hop. Drake had the ghost writing and Tory has straight up biting. Now, Tory’s new album is out and Memories Don’t Die is dope. The album’s quality is being questioned with accusations that he swiped another artist’s song.

It is my understanding that there is an artist named VI Seconds and he is the alleged victim. I have read some of the comments under my articles and I too have been criticized for not researching! So, I did some investigative reporting and read the comments under a video. In the comments, they say that this may be a very flagrant JACK MOVE. A big fan of Tory said, “I mess with Tory HEAVY, Ive been listening to this man since the swavey days. We have to keep it 100, Tory definately BIT that song. Same beat, same flow, starts off the same. Tory is my guy but im tired of the constant biting allegations..... ”

All this rap beef has me like:

But I digress...

Some people are defending Tory, but most are saying Mr. Lanez stole from an artist that nobody heard of.

Here, Tory goes on the offensive and defensive at the same time.

A part of Tory’s defense, which to me is valid, is that he ghost writes for people and they sound like HIM, he says. He may want to up his pen game since he wants to sound like himself. For example, Eminem wrote for Dr. Dre in Dre’s “voice.” The same with Nas writing for people. So, I’m going to say that Tory should switch it up!

Here is the dude VI Secs:

And yet...Tory spits flames.
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He bit that man shit


he clearly bit that track