Tory Lanez Pulled Up On Dax And Forces Him To Apologize For Diss

Dax dissed Tory Lanez and Tory decided to take it to the street instead of responding lyrically.

(AllHipHop Rumors) JEEZ! Everybody is angry! I gave Tory Lanez extreme props for calling rappers out LYRICALLY. He was talking "out barring" rappers. He entertained Don Q, Joyner Lucas, and even got amped for a second with Royce. Called out Pusha T and was talking about smoking everybody. Suddenly, this kid Dax calls him out and he pulls up on him like he's about to kill him! LOL! I am not sure if Tory is the Godfather of Toronto or something, but he sure seemed like it when he pulled up recording a forced apology by Dax. So, here is Dax's diss for you to see.

I felt this. It was dope! I mean, he definitely put some energy out there and he wasn't ready when Tory pulled up like this:

Tory: "You know what’s going on, apologize, nigga."

Dax: “I got you.”

Tory, hyperventalating repeatedly saying: "Sh*t's not gon' end well"

Dax: “Sorry G.”

Tory made a number of threats previously, but clearly he was prepared to make good on them, whereas Dax was not. He had notice. After looking at additional footage, it is clear that Dax is not a thug at all, if the footage didn't indicate that. But, Tory talked a lot of bar for bar talk and then a dude from his own hood hit him with a flurry of BARS and he didn't have anything for him. Sounds like a double dose of hypocrisy to me. Secondly, he absolutely APOLOGIZED TO ROYCE DA 5' 9"! So what are we talking about? This sh#t is beyond weird!!!

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This is exactly what Tory asked for.. and I don’t give a fuck if Dax is a tough guy or not, he destroyed that goose. Tory is a complete penis for confronting this guy and not responding lyrically. That was a supreme shit DAX dropped on lil’Tory’s chest. He clearly doesn’t have a response for that in him. IMO Him confronting anyone makes him weak as fuck.


Dax ended his career before it even started and the nigga is talented. Let this be a lesson to you other aspiring rappers, don't talk shit unless you really bout backing it up. Smh.


Diss is allowed in the hip-hop game.. he should have replied on a track or snub the challenge .