Tory Lanez Pulls Up On Travis Scott: “Lets Shoot The Fade”


Tory Lanez says if you don't like how I sang, lets throw them thangs!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Back in the day, a man was defined largely how he handed his hands in a fight. You didn’t really get points for just shooting something up out of fear. There are numerous songs about it. Well, something changed and cats just pulled out guns in fair fights. To me, its pretty cowardly unless you are fighting Mike Tyson in his prime (or not) and even then, backing down is just the thing to do.

I guess Travis Scott feels Tory Lanez is doing music too close to his style and he’s not having it. But, what is he having? Tory Lanez plays no games and in this clip, he goes right at Travis and invites him to shoot the fade man to man. Well, Travis ain’t no punk, but he certainly didn’t leap at the chance to fight. Tory BOUT THAT LIFE! LOL!

And just when you think you have something that is a throwback, you get the present day drama. It is already turning into something else. Southside of 808 Mafia has offered to shoot all sorts of fades with Tory and accused him of releasing the footage to boost his record sales. Southside said in a video, "We don't gotta do no hoe shit to sell records, you bitch-ass ni##a. Fuck outta here, ni##a. Tell that bitch-ass ni##a Tory Lanez to hit us, ni##a. We want all the smoke, all the fades. Call whoever you want to call, ni##a. We in California on the regular, you bitch-ass ni##a."


Tory entered the charts in the Top 3 so he's doing pretty well without this stuff.

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Powder get you hyper


We saw Tory fight. Looked like his first one