Tory Lanez To Don Q: "Don't Snitch On Yourself"


Don Q and Tory Lanez square up...with a lot of jokes and some bars.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is what Hip-Hop battles are reduced to? Somehow Don Q and Tory Lanz got on live together and did a bunch of arguing and name calling! Now, with all due respect, Tory has put in a lot of work last year lyrically, most notably against that other super lyricist Joyner Lucas. Their battle was fast, but it was good. This, I am waiting to see what comes out of it.

But just in the nick of time...Joyner drops "Don Queen" for your listening pleasure.

And if you missed it, here is "I'm Not Joyner" the first shot fired from Don.

Who won?

I don't want to hear any more from this.

By the way, I hate seeing dudes lynching each other. It wasn't cool when Nas tried it and it ain't good money now.

Meanwhile, Mysonne comes in and gets serious. Tory is not ready for this, because it gets deeper than rap with the home Mysonne. It would would dope if Tory hads addressed, but if these dudes. But, Mys is talking that talk. I fux with this.

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mysonne lyrically better then Don Q - I think Tory lost to Joyner IMO


who proof reads this garbage?