Transexual Tries To Put Rapper Cassidy On Blast

Cassidy may have an issue...but will he address it?

(AllHipHop Rumors) What's up with trans people putting folks on blast and nobody's saying anything? On top of that, they lie like everybody else. First, I want to say Chingy - I'm sorry! That chick lied on you and nobody apologized and, when it was all said and done, your career was done. Sad. Young Buck seems to be a different story, but even if he had some dealings with a transexual, that's his business, right? There have been years and years of condemnation of those that forcibly "out" people in the LGBT community and its almost ALWAYS wrong. No...its always wrong!

So, here we go again. Married battle rapper Cassidy is now standing accused in a similar regard. A transgender woman

claims Cassidy reached out and wanted a threesome with him and his wife. Now, why would Cassidy do that? WHY? Now, this is all detailed in the video, but I will recap a bit after it.

Before I recap, I have to ask questions. What would possess Cass to do this when we all know people do the MOST with screen shots? Also, he's about to return to battle rap in 2019 so, is this some high end Hip-Hop conspiracy? Could one of his foes be setting him up for URL next year? I'm not sure.

Anyway, the transgender has been following Cass on social media and hit the Philly bull up about when new music was coming out. Already sounds fishy. She allegedly hit him up and then she sent him a vid of her twerking on a bed. Continued fishyness. He supposedly asked if he was bisexual...what straight man asks a trans person if they are bisexual? He told the trans person that he was married and does not cheat. She then responded with something like its not cheating if they are all having fun. There is a lot more to this and, quite frankly, it does NOT look good. But, I believe Cassidy even though he has not said anything on social media. And, guess what? You never see Jay-Z and Beyonce addressing rumors and stupid stuff. I think Cass is going that route too.

Be safe out here.

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