Travis Scott Gets A Weird New Beef!

You heard about the story, but here is illseed's take on it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who remembers Mötley Crüe? Yeah me neither! But back in the day, they were a big deal in rock-n-roll back in the day. They might be a big deal now, but I just wouldn’t know. One name I have consistently heard was Tommy Lee. Dude dated and married Pamela Anderson! Anyway, dude went off in the last day or so over Travis Scott’s artwork and concert themes. He basically claims that he stole it. Now, you know Travis has nothing to do with the artwork….but let’s entertain it anyway.

And it keeps on going. And tells Travis Scott to “lawyer up.”

I love how he bounces from Twitter to Instagram like a full court press!

As you see, the comments and the steam is dwindling and Tommy Lee is starting to look like a bit of a clown. And the people start clowning him.

Not looking good for Tommy, like when his son beat him up.