Trick Daddy Believes Future Is The Smartest Rapper For Tricking People With Drug Lyrics

Trick Daddy seems to believe that Future isn't poisoning the minds of the youth with his drug raps.

(AllHipHop Rumors) In a recent sit down with DJ Vlad, Trick Daddy talks about rappers (including himself) using and rapping about drugs. One rapper that Trick Daddy applauded was Future.

"Future is the most intelligent rapper that I've ever seen that actually talks about drugs because people rap molly percocet, kids rap it and still don't know what it is, so that's not a bad thing. He knows how to trick them into liking it." said Trick Daddy.

Trick believes that everything is not for everybody. He says that explicit rap lyrics are for adults, and he feels like it's up to the parents to monitor what their kids are listening to. With this said, Trick isn't upset about rappers rapping about using drugs.

Trick Daddy also says that mumble rappers let him know that he made the deadline for timeless "forever" music. He actually encourages them to keep up their garbage music because they are making him the last of a dying breed.

I hear what Trick is saying about the fact that parents are supposed to be monitoring what their children listen to, but I also think it's socially irresponsible for these rappers to rap about and glorify drug use.

Sadly it seems to be more followers than individuals who think for themselves, and we have kids raising kids, and at the end of the day kids are going to listen to what they want to listen to, and be brainwashed to think that drug use is cool and normalized.

With that said, rappers need to stop condoning drug use in their songs!

What are your thoughts?

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@papipeligro: No sir not anybody can sell work, and if they make call center money they are not a true hustler. What city do they do that at?


It's corny to me. It's not even hard. Anybody can sell dope and they not talking about most dope dealers make call center money.