Trick Daddy Follows Trina?

Mon, Feb 18, 2002

Now here is a rumor that we don't know if it's true. We heard that Trick Daddy dips and dabbles with the other team. Ok, to make is clear we heard that he goes both ways. Well, we think that this rumor is a spin-off of the Trina rumor, which is a fact (hahaha). Nevertheless, our sources claim there is a printed confirmation of this rumor, but somehow we don't think this will ever surface. Do you, Trick, whatever you are doing.

Actually, there are a couple rappers that we here are "gayish" thugs. We happened to hear that one well-known thug goes around in a limo and invites male fans to chill with him. When they get comfy, rumor says, this rapper straight runs up in his poor male fan. The fan is then thrown a wad of money for his silence, time and "inconvenience." Ouch.