Trick Daddy Says Trina Was Nastier Than Lil Kim, More Ghetto Than Foxy Brown

Trick Daddy says if the baddest b-tch Trina was a Kardashian, she would be the richest one!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You gotta love Trick Daddy & Trina!

Trick Daddy recently sat down with DJ Vlad to talk about putting out his first alum, envisioning the evolution of technology, and what Trina brought to the rap game.

Trick also broke down the meaning of "Nann", which happens to be his hit song with Trina.

The Miami rapper explained that he linked with Trina because he knew her from school over the years, and she also dated his brother before he was brutally murdered.

He also went on to explain that Trina brought a rawness and nastiness to the rap game in a different way than the females who came before her had done.

"Trina was saying the things way worse than Kim did it. Lil Kim did it with class. Trina did it from right here. "F-ck bout five or six friends." One of my favorite artists Foxy she never was that ghetto girl that be in my mind because she finessed the mic so well. Trina just did it a whole different way. To every man, every girl wanted to be Trina, and every man wanted to be with Trina. If Trina was a Kardashian, she'd be the richest Kardashian," said Trick Daddy.

Trina was certainly raw with it, and she did it in her own way. What's your favorite Trina song and verse?

Who do you think was nastier: Kim, Foxy, or Trina?

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