Trippie Redd And Tekashi Have An Interesting Way Of Beefin'!


Trippie Redd and Tekashi Air Out Their Grievances On IG!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This s##t gave me a headache. The first minute - I nearly had to stop. If I wasn't "working," I wouldn't be able to take this one. First of all, this is way too much tongue rasslin' on IG Live. I didn't know that you could chat back and forth. Both of these dudes are signed to the son of the head of Universal. "I'm from Canton Ohio, the second most dangerous small city in America," Trippie Redd yells! Nothing wrong with that. He seems like a real dude. Tekashi yellin' "Take a picture with your fans, take a picture with your fans!" What is this?! These dudes are like best friends. Nobody that are enemies are doing to do all of this talking to each other! Wow! I Thought "beefing" in the media was corny! DJ Akademiks is seeding the kids with this madness. They are both Bloods, but they don't look like the Bloods I came up on. Shout out to these dudes and the ones making money off of them.

"Put that on your daughter!"

"Put that on your dead mom."

"Put that on your dead homie!"

What do you think of this?! They sounds like two women bickering and yet they scare the hell out of me.

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2 clowns and you're the third by devoting an article to it.