Trippie Redd Gets Into Massive Fight At Day N Night Festival


Rapper Trippie Redd wants you to know that he beat TF out of his opponent at Day N Night Fest.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Aw man!

Rapper Trippie Redd and some of his crew got into a massive fight backstage at the Day N Night Festival in Orange County.

In the videos that have surfaced (some even shared by Trippie himself), you can see Redd throwing some mean punches and delivering some massive blows to a man.

Although he did fall down, he said it's only because he tripped over some water, and according to him, it doesn't matter because he was kicking azz.

It really turned into a brawl as at times it looked like others around were also a part of the altercation.

Trippie has also been involved in a beef with rapper Tekashi69, but I don't believe this was the individual involved in this fight.

Lawd, stop the violence! I'm willing to bet it was over something senseless!

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from these videos i cant really tell someone got beat TF out of, but i guess the other guy wasnt winning


Dj Wakadmiks is a Hoe ass Nigga for promoting this shit, if you are not part of the solution , then your part of the problem. coming up off clicks to see two black men tear each other down. Fucking Clown!