Trolling Or Nah? Tyler the Creator Claims He Had A Boyfriend At 15

Is he peeking his head out again? Folks think Tyler the Creator is moments away from coming out of the closet.......again.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tyler the Creator has been playing a lot with the possibility of whether he could be gay or not.

There were already some questionable lyrics on his song “Flower Boy” as he rapped,

“I been kissing white boys since 2004”.

Before Tyler could truly confirm or deny whether this was a coming out moment for himself, he was back with another "antic".

This week on a podcast called “Koops Tunes”, Tyler says,

“Open-minded now? I had a boyfriend when I was 15 in f-cking Hawthorne, n-gga. If that’s not open-minded, then I don’t know what the f-ck that is.”

But since the episode aired, he's seemed to inadvertently admit to trolling as he tweeted,

"figure of speech to get koopz 'open minded' point across, i was single at 15 haha"

I don't know what kind of figure of speech that was, but okay. If Tyler is gay or not, it's his business. It just seems like he's toying with the sexuality thing for buzz and traction. What are your thoughts?

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I feel like Tyler the Creator uses his (potentially fluid) sexuality to gain more traction. There are still not very many (out) queer artists in the hip-hop community, so he likely sticks out more than he would if he were a pop musician.

A sucka to the fullest. This is what hip hop has turned to! never supported him never will.

I'm not a fan of his music either, but he has the right to present himself however he would like. He clearly has a following, so my advice to him would be to keep up the good work.

Seems like a ploy for press

pretty sure he's not joking, He just playing with it so when the real show up, it has less impact.