Troy Ave Responds To Snitching Allegations

Is Troy Ave right or do people like Mysonne have just case calling him a snitch?

(AllHipHop Rumors) The brother has people talking. I will give Troy Ave that. Ol’ boy is testifying against Taxstone and basically is saying “me or you.” I am no thug but I know the rules: you don’t rat and you don’t talk. But, it is now 2018. Here is what Troy Ave is throwing on social media.
Earlier in the week, Mysonne went at him hard body.

“Dope Boy Troy” really told people what he felt earlier in the week.

I know he calls himself a dope boy, I’m going to assume that has nothing to do with drugs.

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Im down with troy ave. Mysonne and all them thugs can go do time for someone else just to hold the “street code”. Im not doing a second in jail for nobody. The streets dont love you.