Troy Ave Shows How Much He's Grown Up!

Troy Ave has been in some weird places that have had people hating him. He's made a 180.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It has been a minute since Troy Ave graced the pages of this Rumor section. But as we enter a new year, there is an air of new energy. Back in the day, when he had a terrible beef with Joey Badas$$, Troy rapped, “STEEZ burning in Hell, my burner’s in my belt / I’m really killing shit, you niggas killing yourself / Fucking weirdos, off the roof, “Steer clear yo!” At this point, people know that rapper Capital STEEZ killed himself days before Christmas 2012. On top of that, he called Steez a bozo for committing suicide. Now, we see he has had a total change of heart after catching quite a lot of hell over that lyric.

He sported a RIP shirt in a recent video. Check it out.

The whole thing is a part of a new song that the rapper has released, appropriately titled "Who I'm Becoming."

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Until he purchases a sensible economical car like a Honda & stops rapping, I can’t believe he’s grown at all.

More realistically, this goose can’t do street shit anymore.. not when you’re testifying, which I personally have no issue with. My issues with him, is his skill set, delusion and brain capacity.