Tupac Alive? A UK OP Says Yes! Three More Tupac Albums On The Way? Yes!


Tupac is coming back to set ish straight in Hip-Hop!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don't know about you, but I probably have all the upcoming new Tupac material. Pac was well-known to record relentlessly before his untimely demise. And back in the day, a lot of those songs leaked and were released in bootleg form back in the day. Today, they would be called "leaks." The quality was poor, but people got their fix in. Now, it seems like the estate of Tupac has found a way to get clearance on three albums of material! And the whole thing was initiated by Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mother.

> According to reports, the estate of the late Tupac Shakur has finally settled a lawsuit with Death Row Records that went on for five years. As a result, the estate is set to release some new work from the rapper.


> Court documents noted that Tupac’s estate filed documents saying that both sides have agreed on the matter this week. The suit was filed by Afeni Shakur—Tupac’s mother. She passed away during the process of this suit, but the case still pushed on.

> According to The Blast, there is enough material available to put out at least three albums from the late rapper.

This is greatness! I have to salute the energy of Afeni Shakur! Her spirit and Tupac's are alive and well. I am hoping and praying they are able to update the music and sound for it to hit hard in the 20-18, fool!

By the way, they are trying to tell us that Tupac managed to escape to Cuba back in the day. Of course, he didn't but lets tall about it. Per the Mirror:

> Tupac Shakur was smuggled into Cuba with the help of former President Fidel Castro, a British conspiracy theorist has sensationally claimed.

> Michael Nice recently said the legendary rapper was alive and well after being smuggled out of America by a security team that he was part of.

> He reckons the team helped Tupac travel from Las Vegas to Barbados before his journey continued to Cuba.

No evidence at all.

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this is family so wont get too deep... bottom line the character of "tupac" is dead but the person who played the character lives on!!! let that sink in...