Tupac's Rape Accuser Ayanna Jackson Tells Her Side Of The Story


Jackson opens up about her allegations that landed Tupac in jail.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Recently Ayanna Jackson, the woman that accused Tupac Shakur of rape, spoke with VladTV.

The incident was portrayed in the movie "All Eyez On Me," and it well known for causing Pac to do time in jail.

According to her, she and Shakur were kissing after meeting at a nightclub. She also disputes the myth of her giving the rapper oral sex on the dance floor.

She says that Tupac did push her head down towards his lap on the dance floor. She also states that she may have kissed his penis, but it all was in good fun. Basically she says she did NOT give the man head on the dance floor.

Jackson says after leaving the nightclub they returned to his hotel room.

According to her, at the hotel, they later had sex. She says she spent the night and they had sex multiple times.

She said she left later that morning because she had work and Tupac had a 5 AM call time. The call time was due to him working on the movie 'Above The Rim' at the time.

Ayanna also said she hung out with the rapper multiple times before the rape incident. She said they weren't having sex every time they hooked up.

On the night of the incident, she said she came in and was offered drinks before Tupac entered the room. She said Tupac was tired, wanted to go into the bedroom and she followed him.

After massaging the rapper and kissing, she said others walked into the room and he grabs the back of her head to turn her around. She says she didn't think of the people because people she thought someone may have left something in the room.

She then says Shakur said,

"Relax baby. These are my boys. I like you so much I decided to share you with them."

There Jackson gets emotional as she continues to remember the incident.

As far as public opinion is concerned, the vast majority of people have always believed the woman lied, and she just did it to be spiteful because things didn't go her way with Pac, or that she may have really been sexually assaulted, but not by Tupac.

The VladTV interview is very telling and offers insight previously unknown about the situation. Forced matters shouldn’t be orchestrated and followed through, and no means no, but the question is, do you believe Jackson?

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Let Pac rest in peace, I mean he died in 1996 and now its 2018 and he can't talk for himself. We will never know the truth about the rape allegations.