Twista Puts Man In Headlock During Michael Jordan's All-Star Party

Rapper Twista was in L.A. for All-Star Weekend, when things went a little left at Michael Jordan's party!

By @RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Over the weekend, many celebrities were in Los Angeles for the NBA All-Star game. Chicago Rapper Twista was one of the many celebs in town for the event.

While in town, Twista partied with others at Michael Jordan's All-Star party. The rapper took a shuttle with some friends after leaving the party.An altercation would later break out on the shuttle.

One of Twista's friends was also on the shuttle and was said to be harassed by a drunk. The man being extremely intoxicated was provoking fights with passengers on the shuttle.

Twista would later get involved in the altercation after seeing the drunk man harass his friend. Being the honorable person that he is, Twista rushed to his friend's aid. Fists were seen flying as passengers pulled out their cell phones to record the event.

In the video, Twista can be seen holding the man in a headlock. His friend is also shown in the video going to work on the guy's ribs.

The situation would later be broken up by a few other bystanders. After it's broken up, the alleged drunk man can be seen visibly shaken.It's safe to say that Twista is not one for bullying.*

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lmao rib shots!!


Twists better get that cake ready to pay dude lol