Two Things White People Are Mad At!

From Lil Nas X to Big Super Heroes - people are mad!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Now, white people - I got no quarrel with you! But some if you are crazy as we have seen with all the mass shootings in America. Now, I am going to call out some of you, but don't take it too personal! I just need you to check your people! This is all with a social media lens so take it how you want to take it.

First of all, I am hearing that a certain sect of white men did not like "Avengers Endgame" at all. As a MAN, I think I understand. Thor was fat and passed his kingdom to a Black woman. The Hulk got beat by Thanos so bad that he became the "Credible Hulk" that created alternate ways to fight Thanos without using his muscles. Captain America not only ended the movie old, but gave up the title to a Black man that started in the comics as a sidekick. And then Captain Marvel came in and kicked butt.

White guys have allegedly created an edited version of "Endgame" that removes all the non-white guys out of it. I wonder if the GREEN Hulk counts? Anyway, they some real sick people to do that and need to check their racism back in the 60's!


I am certain Lil Nas X is going to regret this silly name of his. I am almost CERTAIN there are people in the mid-west that don't even know who NAS is, but know this lil guy. But, I ain't mad at him. SOME folks are mad that Lil Nas X has a deal with Wrangler! Remember WRANGLER aka "The Brand That Fits"? Well if you don't, you do now!

I am sure this is just a few rednecks.

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What if I had started out an article saying "now Black people, I have no quarrel with you," SMH. You know, I've been off and on this site since 2006 and it just gets worse and worse and it has nothing to do with the changing landscape of Hip Hop. BTW, there's no such thing as "white people."


how is illseed still allowed to write articles?