Tyler The Creator Asks Drake For Something Sexy Sexy!


Tyler does it again! Openly flirts with Drake on IG!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have heard a lot of things about Tyler The Creator. I have heard son is...sexually fluid. I didn't go looking for this information, he puts it out there readily and people eat it up. Pause. And he knows this sort of activity is the type content blogs and sites love. So, here we go. Tyler typed something to Drake that was destined to get a reaction. "Send Nudes bro," he dropped in Drizzy's comments! See for yourself!

Back in the day, he would be called a "shock rapper," but these days, its no biggie. Oh, "Tyler Is Flirting With Drake." It comes and it goes. And so here we are. There'e other stuff about Tyler you may have heard, and that's that he's a master marketer. I think he is drawing attention to his new album, IGOR. I have not heard it all, but it sounds like a dope, creative album!

Anyway, do you think Drake will send him nudes or nah?

This makes me realize I miss Odd Future. They need to reunite!

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This is like living in a bad dream. I become more disillusioned by the day with this smoke and mirrors bs.