Tyler The Creator Writes Eminem A Short, Ugly Letter


The new Eminem song with Beyonce should be an instant classic, but people have comments.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Eminem is over 40 and rich as hell. He also lives a fairly reclusive life. He’s also done and said things most people couldn’t even fathom. His new song with Beyonce,”Walk On Water,” is not the classic version of Eminem we have all come to know and love (or hate). It is the voice of a man that has matured and grown to appreciate songs without drums. For those that don’t know, Rick Rubin produced the song. It is not bad. But it is very mellow and chill.

Once upon a time, Em called himself the “rap god,” a term that raised the ire of people like Papoose. Anyway….here is what Tyler The Creator said to God God…or maybe his rap god.

Some have said he may not be talking about Eminem, but literally nothing else of relevance showed up in rap yesterday. For a minute now, Eminem has wrestled with his “mortality” as an artist and raps in stark contrast to his previous boasts.

"It's true, I'm a Rubik's, a beautiful mess
At times juvenile, yes, I goof and I jest
A flawed human, I guess
But I'm doing my best to not ruin your ex-
pectations and meet 'em, but first, the "Speedom" verse
Now, Big Sean, he's going too fast
Is he gonna shout or curse out his mom?
There was a time I had the world by the balls, eating out my palm
Every album, song I was spazzin' the fuck out on
And now I'm getting clowned and frowned on
But the only one who's looking down on that matters now's Deshaun
Am I lucky to be around this long?"


By the way, Tyler's album is dope. Check it:

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Should have been d8 with less horoscope masterbate yet his plate was an escape of smut with no date. #smokefit.us