Ugly God Clarifies Statement About Rappers Dating Strippers


Ugly God says he wasn't taking a shot at this Migos member!

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ugly God found himself in hot waters recently after posting a picture of him and his girlfriend on Instagram.

“If I date a girl for 2 years, she a gold digger But if another rapper n*gga cuff a stripper its relationship goals,” said Ugly God.

This caption got people talking as they thought he was taking a shot at Migos rapper Offset. Seeing that Offset is currently dating fellow rap star Cardi B, who previously was employed as a dancer in the past.

Things begin to hit the fan, and fans began to question Ugly God about who he was talking about in his comments. After dealing with pressure, Ugly God later responded with a follow up post.

“It kinda came out wrong, so I instantly deleted it and of course it was already screenshotted and reposted everywhere. It was reposted everywhere with a picture of Offset and Cardi B like I was talking about them. So the media forced that.,” said Ugly God.

Social media can be a very pressure-filled place at times. Luckily, Ugly God was able to clarify his comments before becoming the latest rapper involved in a rap feud.

Do you think Ugly God was right for clarifying his statement about rappers and strippers?

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If you smart you don't date strippers you fuck them and keep it moving.


He didn't need to clarify anything, everyone else needs to shut up