UH: Donald Trump Seems To Like One Of The Dopest Rappers!

Did Donald Trump start following Crooked I or what? Check out some of the theories!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Hands down: Crooked I is one of the dopest rappers out. He’s got a new album coming out, a single with Royce Da 5’9” and he’s the 45th person to be followed by Donald “45” Trump. It took me by complete surprise as it did Crooked. Peep:

How random is this?

Maybe its not so random? Crooked I was signed to who? Eminem! He’s also very very political! And dope! Could this be a passive aggressive maneuver by the President of White People? Anyway, Nobody really knows. There is one more theory. Somebody made a mistake and followed Big Crook by accident. By the time people went looking for the receipts, he was no longer following him. In fact, the only Black people follows…are a pair of buffoons named Diamond and Silk. They are a pair of well-known Drumpf supports and full-time coons as well. So, what happened? Nobody knows, but Crooked I is not the type to lie about this sort of thing.

Here is Crook's new song with Royce.

Why you mad, dunny?

@ChromeRadioLive Some of the ones at the top are pinned too. We're fixing stuff everyday too. For instance we just sped up page load times for mobile (and added a post button for mobile replies) we also fixed a lot of performance stuff found while getting tons of new viewers. (It's super hard to fake real users, especially millions of them.) We have some much requested fixes coming for Greg in the near future as well that should improve the layout and usability. I was thinking on doing an ama on how to use the site or something. I think people wouldn't think it's so awful if they knew how to use it better and we're not going to know how to make it better without asking the users that want to use it but don't because they don't want to deal with whatever. I'm all ears. I'm surprised people don't use the media embeds more. I've had to work on nothing but ads for the last little while but I'd like to work on something that will really make people happy.

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I'll ask about it. I thought it was "working as designed" but when the new layout comes out there will be a different sort. What else would you like to see changed/improved/ Especially if you're a community.allhiphop.com user. Also, it be more accurate to say we work for Greg so lean on us like we're working for you. It's a brand new platform (we went from zero traffic to 2+mil/week in less than 60 days. It's been like drinking from a fire hose and we're super grateful to Greg for taking the lead in helping us shape it into what it needs to be. It's like just when you think you've thought of everything a million new users prove you wrong. So far what we have is built for real time multimedia communication, a forum for modern times that allows users to publish content of share media, but it won't really shine until more people use it like that and I feel like we (Greg's engineers) need to do more to demonstrate it.

" I think people wouldn't think it's so awful if they knew how to use it better".

See. That right there shows how out of touch the maven is. Its a website bro. Its scroll and point and click. Why put the ownest of us? Why would be need a tutorial to browse a gossip site?


lol. @frustrated yeah. I guess I walked right into that one. Put that way, I think we got the point and click bit down for the most part. I'm bummed that the sorting isn't more straight forward, that's super frustrating. Even for a gossip site the layout is still too pinteresty so were building more flexibility in that. What I was asking specifically about was about the Ill Community on community.allhiphop.com. We built a ton of fun forum features into the rooms so as one of the guys that built them and wants to make it better I'm just asking. Like for example, I'm surprised more people aren't sharing music here. I listen to what AHH posts but I know there are more people listening to more stuff than what AHH could share. To your point maybe it's just not obvious that people can put there stuff or the stuff they like out there? IDK.