Uh Oh: Future's Allegedly Trying To Stop An 8th Baby From Coming!

Is Future the bad guy again? A Haitian model says he threatened her!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Babies are a wonderful thing. They typically bring a lot of joy to adoring parents. I don't know Future and have never met anybody that comes close to Future. I have never even met Ciara. I'm completely washed as a person at this point. My name is the illseed, because I was a bad baby. Well, I am happy Future was not my dad. Why? I am hearing that Future has fathered his 8th baby we know of and is pressuring the mom to abort the child. This is all allegedly and rumor-shyte, but this is what is being said in hushed tones.

Now, when I say pressure, others say threatening. The word is he is threatening her to abort the baby, because he does not want any more kids! The beauty is Eliza Reign, a lovely Haitian model! Just look at her. I would give up both pinky toes to be with her. Here she is:

Here's her complete story from her...

Got damn, this is a lot, MTO!

Images source: MTOnews