UHHHHH: 6ix9ine And Akademiks Vacation Together

Journalists and rap have a weird relationship. It just got stranger.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is just weird. I am thinking that these guy are more than rapper and interviewer. DJ Akademiks is an employee of the Complex Media world, which is all-good. And Tekashi69 is probably the most talked about rapper around today. In the media diaspora, there has been a less egregious overt blending of journalist (if you can call dude that) and artist. We know they overlap a lot, but this is crazy! AK and Tekashi went on vacation and….not a girl in sight. Just weird!

And then, then he went swimming with a hat on like he’s LL Cool J.

And why do they keep trying to call 69 a “kid” at the age of 21? That’s a man. Me thinks they trying to evoke some sympathy from those wolves. Because, the wolves are out there…

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Yea, he's definitely not a kid, especially since he talks like he's 30 and has seen the world already!!! And that goddamn Ak......who swims with they shirt on nowadays... come on with the fat shame shyt and be proud of them titties Ak!!! lol